"Thank you, Nicole for the most enlightening session of our lives thus far"

~T&L Caledon

 Nicole is a truly gifted healer. Trauma release and the development of a relationship with your inner child is, in my opinion, the deepest and truest work you can do to get back to yourself and heal wounds. Nicole provides a safe, non judgemental space that allows you to fully express who you are and trust completely in the process. Because you are changed on the other side. And she’s there, with a loving hand, to guide you back. Nicole is intuitive and present. You will feel seen, heard and loved. She will push you, yet also listen to and respect your boundaries and needs. You will be forever changed after a treatment with her. You will have a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you.

~T.B Pontypool

I was honoured and lucky to be in the presence of Nicole Lewis as I fell into a deep state of intense emotional pain and inner conflict. I have been struggling with intense bouts of food addiction for the last 2-3 years. There are many layers as to why I have held onto a coping mechanism and dependmce on food--even to the point excruciating digestive pain and damage --and Nicole offered the space and insight to remove one of the deepest most encompassing layers yet. She was able to recognize what I was going through before I was even ready to ask for help, and it is this recognition and space holding which allowed me to become ready to be vulnerable with an almost complete stranger. Nicole recognizes the crucial importance of fully and spontaneously feeling our feelings immediately as they come up, and with her validation and guidance I was led to the core of my suffering. From there I was comfortable to scream, cry, swear and be silent as i went through the cycle of stagnant emotion. I came to profound breakthroughs and inner knowings of the origins and triggers of my emotional wounding, connecting my ancient ancestry, my current family, my gender and expectations, all to the current people and life situtaions which triggered them. With Nicole supporting me, I was given genuine loving presence where I was fully seen and heard with all my chaotic, vulnerable emotions so that I may give myself the same love and presence necessary to acknowledge accept and feel what I feel, and finally to move on and be free to give my body mind and soul what it truly needs and enjoy the beauty of this moment.

~S.C Toronto

Nicole provides a loving and genuine space for a person to feel completely open and free to Express deeply and long held emotional pain. She has a way of knowing how far to push or when to nurture... when to probe and when to let there be spaces to go within. At some points during your session you realize "Nicole" is just a conduit for universal light to channel through exactly what you need to help you find your path and heal.

~R.H Port Hope

Nicole is a soul sister, I am ever grateful for the universe aligning our paths ! She is a gifted intuitive, a soul seer, and has a warm sensitive way and also can be bold and outgoing. Nicole has a fun and playful attitude to life an is never afraid to stand out in her sassy uniqueness. She is dedicated to the truth, and will help guide you in a compassionate way to breakthrough whatever emotional barriers and mental resistance you may face. I love the way she uses humour and all around love Nicole ...I'm sure you will enjoy your session as she is a pleasure and joy to connect with.

~ A.A Mount Forest

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