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the reconnect

Mending the Fractures

There exists a disconnect in the relationship between the masculine and feminine brought about through misrepresentation passed through generations and perpetuated in modern media. There are resentments but upon lifetimes and the gap between us widens in the lack of honest and vulnerable communication. We don’t honestly know the other, we’ve been living in a realm of misinformed perceptions, unfair expectation, clouded by generational trauma revisited in the pains with our parents in childhood, reinforced in the skewed collective belief systems and the sins of a series of relationships.¬†

Our concepts of our beloved brother or sister are built on false foundations and we have never truly as a collective, authentically asked ‘who are you?’ and for that matter ‘who am I?’ and perhaps more profoundly ‘who are we?’

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April 30- May 2 2021 Rising spirit B&B - Orono, On

The reconnect- retreat details

our vision

The purpose for this retreat is to draw close our brothers and sisters through a deeper understanding of the true essence of the masculine and feminine. Dispelling misconceptions, witnessing each other’s core wounds, becoming complete with and restoring our power lost in conflict within this polarity. Expanding awareness of each others basic universal needs and restoring this relationship to one of honour, integrity, mutual support and respect. Celebrating our differences and unique gifts when brought together in harmony will elevate us all.¬†





who is this retreat for?

Humans that are ready to look deeply at the barriers that keep us divided both in our outer relationships as well as our own inner world. Those ready to accept each other as equals and to understand how our differences are truly complimentary making us stronger. There has never been a more powerful time in our known history where we as humans can truly repair the deep divide and bring equality and honour to the relationship between genders. 


what will we be doing?

Belief structures & stereotypes 

Radical forgiveness & Partner Work

Mother/Father/Inner-child exploration 

Cacao & Sananga Ceremonies 

Breath work

Sacred Sound Journeys 

Fire & nature connection ritual

Group discussions & sharing 

looking deeper

whats included

All meals (vegetarian options) + snacks 


Infrared sauna

Massage chairs

Cold plunge opportunities *optional 

All practicum & theory

Sananga & Cacao Ceremonies 

Sound journeys

Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are included

working with nature

Connection to the natural world

Working with ritual, clear intention setting and the elements to clear and ignite our souls alignment with spirit. Strengthening our connection to spirit that lives within us and what unifies us all. Allowing the walls of separateness to dissolve. 

looking deeper

masculine & feminine energies

Both of these energy qualities lives within each of us. Understanding how they compliment and support, you as an individual, and in relation to the another will greatly allow for compassion and trust to begin to cultivate.


the exchange

$650/person for shared accommodations.

‚Äč*This retreat requires equal participation of both men and women, so we have 5 spots open for each gender.¬†

‚ÄčThere is a deposit of $250 to reserve your spot. Payment plans are available .

Remainder is due the week before retreat.‚Äč


Nicole Laureen 
Sacred Sound Musician, Sound Healer &
Embodiment Guide

Nicole Laureen is a trauma informed, Sacred Musician and Embodiment Guide. Standing strong in her ability to be vulnerable and hold heart connection, Nicole invites and holds a safe and grounded container to allow one to process and acknowledge their pain and their past. Intuitive and insightful she knows how to connect with the energy body and bring to light what might be hiding in the shadows. She gently and powerfully draws out what is asking to be seen so that you may come into integration with all parts of you. 

Chris Lewis
Sound & Energy Healer,
Nature Embodiment Guide 

Chris Lewis has spent most of his life communing with nature in remote areas of Ontario, BC and California. Having a deep connection to the Spirit that moves through all things, he holds a strong container of support for one to journey within. Trained as a Sound and Energy healer in multiple modalities, Chris is highly intuitive and a clear and effective communicator. Chris is continuously expanding upon his training, knowledge, awareness and offerings as a life & empowerment coach. 


Join Us

The Reconnect

Join us for a beautiful intimate retreat where we will learn to meet each other as equals, as souls.

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