The Many Faces of the Great Mother ~The Destroyer and the Creator

A force of nature. The Unmothered Mother, burdened and betrayed by the passage of time and her ancestral scarring. Expected to be more than she is ready for. Uninitiated and drowning in the tangled webs of the mother she should, could, ought to be. In the muddle and wallow of the pit. Collapsed and ambivalent, she can not stand for the child that reflects the neglected parts of her psyche. At risk of losing herself in service and unable to meet the demands for presence and accountability bestowed on her. She fears being outcasted for her choices. So she shames and guilts, crushing and suffocating her young. In fear of exposing herself. Yearning to find the strength to love unconditionally and guide her child through the shadows of fear and shame. She becomes fixated on being the mother she never had, the Good mother, the give it all, lose yourself mother. Not recognizing she has become the co-dependant, smothering mother. The wildly fearful, overbearing mother. Desperate to love and to be loved. Overwhelmed and deluded. Until.... She can look into her own pain, her own child, and love what she is and what she sees. Until she stands in the fires of unconditional love and holds the hand of the child with a fierceness and admiration to lead them back home~

The Mother Archetype is one of the oldest known in the stories of time. One we can all relate to. One of the most important voices in our psyche. Often one that is heavily marred with abuse, neglect or suffocation.~

Being able to build a relationship with the Mother within is a key to unlocking your heart, connection, and intimacy with others and yourself. Pairing her with your inner child to bring much healing and understanding in your life.


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