Nicole Laureen

Nicole is a Trauma Informed, Insightful Guide, Embodiment Coach and Sound Healer. Standing strong in her ability to be vulnerable and hold heart connection, Nicole invites and holds a safe and intimate container for the beauty and the pain.

She has been on her own personal healing journey for over a decade, explored, studied and worked with many modalities, traditions and teachers and has achieved a high level of awareness, insight, connection, wisdom and strength. A born healer, teacher and wise women, she has assisted many on their journey. Intuitive and psychically gifted she is a vessel for divine guidance, emotional freedom and embodied sovereignty. A passionate student of life and teacher of emotional and physical expression, life mysteries and wellness. 

She has the courage to walk into the fire, a thirst for understanding the workings of the mind, and the capacity to experience, be with, and re-pattern some of the deepest felt senses of the body. Seeing the world around her as the internal reflections of her own self seeking to be acknowledged and expressed she never holds judgment or condemns ones shadow or experiences but seeks to bring insight, healing, and highest truth to all she works with.



After living a life of cycled patterns of depression (deep freeze), shamed sexuality, physical and emotional trauma, being both the abused and the abuser. Nicole has understood at a young age that her greatest gift was to know herself intimately, to love all that she is, and that her own healing was to be the most important work she could and will do, for herself, her children, her ancestors, and for the world.

 Having an understanding of how her body and mind responds and reacts to life and her relationship to all things, Nicole calls upon the medicines of;

~Sound Healing

~Emotional Expression

~Movement and Trauma Release Exercises 


~The Angelic Realm/Energy Work


~Animal totems/Archetypes and Astrology

to assist her in her offerings.

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