About Me

Nicole Laureen

My name is Nicole Laureen (her/she). I am a guide and channel for Mother Earth and Father Sky. I am a Mother of two boys and a partner of a talented, grounded man, and Shaman. I am astrologically  influenced by a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon and Pisces Rising, with both my Venus and Mars in Libra and my Mercury in Sagittarius. Giving me the ability to connect deeply to your field, feel what is alive in you and communicate effectively what is present. I have a balanced view of the masculine and feminine aspects and can tune into many different realms and fields of reality . I am able to connect and merge with the natural world, animal guides and the angelic realm. I am aware of my connection to all things and from that place I can channel energy, message, and song for healing and journey. I have a deep container that feels and seeks to understand.

I embody a living offering that is in authentic alignment with my own personal healing journey. I teach what I am passionate about and what has influenced my life for the better.


My Story

Nicole Laureen

At a very young age I was put into the film and television industry where my self-esteem was moulded by the strong opinions and judgments of others, with an emphasis on the superficial. A lot of my healing journey as a co-dependant empath has been about returning to my own body, as a temple, learning what my authentic expression is, healing from shame, guilt, low self-worth and recognizing the learned behaviours passed down from my family lineage. I have effectively learned how to pull in, clear and clean my energy, root deeply into the earth to source stability, and create healthy, flexible, boundaries with others. Understanding the power of forgiveness and authentic expression.

Having acknowledged a lot of my own shadow, I care deeply to not hold judgment for another’s journey. Understanding that at our core we are all children that seek to love and be loved. The armour we wear to protect us from being hurt is not who we are, but are the keys to understanding where we must shine light to heal.  


“The strongest and most resillent of trees have the broadest and deepest of roots. Once we are rooted, that is when the healing journey begins.”

-Nicole Laureen

My insight

what i have learned

I am a passionate student of knowledge and experience and the quest to understand and heal myself has brought me to many different modalities, workshops and trainings. I have pondered the big questions and journeyed down many a rabbit hole to emerge with my truth and a truth I believe we all share. 

  • The Earth/Gaia/Turtle Island is our mother. 
  • Our body and all of our senses are woven into the Earths field of consciousness 
  • We can connect to all living things and creation itself and experience ourselves as one with. 
  • We are electromagnetic/vibrational beings whose thoughts and emotions attract and create.
  • Energetically being grounded and rooted into the earth is the foundation of healing
  • At our core we are love and seek to be loved. 

From this truth, and making these connections with the earth and spirit, you will find infinite guidance, stability, truth and strength to assist in peeling back the layers of mistrust and pain that has been collected over lifetimes, to begin to feel whole and healed. 


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