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Embodied Expressions is a Shamanic and Earth inspired community that cultivates relations with our authentic expression, connection with the natural world and embodiment of our wholeness.

Teaching ways to deepen in our roots so we may FEEL what it means to BE a child of the earth and the stars and guided by Spirit. Opening our voice to our authentic expression so we may feel our way to healing. Understanding our archetypal nature so to help us understand how and why we are influenced the ways that we are. This space is about growth and transitions, embodiment and healing.

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what we are about

Learning to flow with the natural rhythms in our environment, plant and animal kingdoms and the teachings of the elements, we can resource so much wisdom and strength. 

Learning to tune into the subtle and unseen energies of sound and vibration that exists all around us and opening our senses to be able to digest all of the medicine available in our connections to the natural world. Working with fire and water in ritual to communicate and transform our limiting believes and fears.

Learning to dig down deep into our roots to be able to resource a courage and resilience to grow and be challenged in our lives. To invoke a richness in our everyday experiences.

Learning how to forage for medicine to nourish and build right relationship with the earth. To understand what it means to be in relation-with and a steward of the earth.

Learning to honour and acknowledge the body through movement, expression, vocal toning and song.

Learning the universal language of archetypes as energy patterns and how they can help you find greater insight, compassion and healing for yourself and others. 



My name is Nicole Laureen (her/she). I am a guide and channel for mother earth and father sky. I am a Mother of two boys and a partner of a talented, grounded man, and Shaman.  I am astrologically influenced by a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon and Pisces Rising, with both my Venus and Mars in Libra and my Mercury in Sagittarius. Giving me the ability to connect deeply to your field, feel what is alive in you and communicate effectively what is present. I have a balanced view of the masculine and feminine aspects and can live in many different realms of reality at once. I am able to connect and merge with the natural world & elements, animal guides and the angelic realm. I am aware of my connection to all things and from that place I can channel energy, message, and song for healing and journeys. I have a deep container that feels and seeks to understand. 


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"Thank you Nicole for the most enlightening session of our lives thus far"

T.L - Caledon, ON

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Sananga is a traditional medicine of the Yawanawá tribe, an indigenous group that is known as the legal guardians of the Amazon. They have been using Sananga and other plant medicines for generations. They use Sananga for healing both spiritual and physical ailments, which include improving their focus and clearing out distracting energies before going on a hunt.

This sananga is made from the Tabernaemontana undulate shrub of South America. They take the bark from the roots of the shrub and grind it into a very fine powder, which they strain several times through mesh using freshwater

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