1:1 Mentorship

My Mentorship program is  on-going support and sounding for your finding  ground, creating mind and heart coherence, while navigate through life with resources and tools. No matter where you are on your path, I will be able to guide and offer supportive and insightful practices that will guide you through the difference stages of your life and help you thrive. Each call or in-person meeting will follow your lead. Meeting you exactly where you are and what your needs are in that moment.

Ways I can assist:

Nervous system regulation practices

Shamanic journeying

Sound healing

Practices for grounding and nature connection

Connecting with animal spirit guides

Working with plant medicines 

Archetypal insight and healing relationships

Life advice and guidance

Online zoom calls:

45-60 min $66

Package of sessions

4 calls $222

In-person sessions:

60  min $122

75 min $155

4 sessions $444

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