1:1 Sacred Sound & Energy Session


Sacred Sound & Energy Session

1hr~ $150



 Discounts can be applied when booking more than one session in a package form.

*if financials are hindering you from being able to work with me, please reach out for my sliding scale.

A sacred sound and energy session focuses on the mind, body, and soul healing and integration. A sound journey with crystal bowls and gong (as well as other sound instruments) will be played for you as you enter into a deep space of surrender and release. A personal song will be channeled for your unique energy signature and sung to you while a variety of sound and vibration instruments are played around and on the body. Tuning forks will be used to clear, and strengthen the chakras and energy body.

Tuning forks beneficial vibrations are used help to harmonize and breakup stagnant energy contained in what is known as the 'biofield', which is the energetic field which surrounds the physical body.

 During this combing of the biofeild I will intuitively pick up on messages and life events stored in your field. This acknowledgement of events can often bring up emotional charges that can then be processed. Reiki and angelic energy medicine will be combined throughout the session as well as other affirmation work and somatic practices. 

Being trauma informed and with tools to know how to work with the nervous system you will be guided into learning how to feel grounded and safe within the body through out your experience.

Each session is uniquely individual and is co-created between my spirit and the spirit of the person I am serving. Clear intentions are set before we began as I call upon the help of the angelic realm and the spirit guides of the individual I am assisting. 

* there is an option to include a Sananga Ceremony (plant medicine) if desired, at no additional cost.

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