1:1 Sound Healing


Expression Coaching


Treatment Session (75 min) ~$150

 Discounts can be applied when booking more than one session in a package form.

*if financials are hindering you from being able to work with me, please reach out for my sliding scale.

Sound Healing Session

After an initial 15 min consultation to assess what the clients needs are, we will begin our first treatment session.

I use a variety of healing modalities in our treatment. Sound therapy with tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, rattles and song channeling. 

Energy modalities of reiki, therapeutic touch, and the angelic realm are called upon to work through me.

Tuning forks beneficial vibrations are used help to harmonize and breakup stagnant energy contained in what is known as the 'biofield', which is the energetic field which surrounds the physical body.

They are also used to clear and activate the energy centres of the body (also called 'chakras' in Sanskrit).  During this combing of the biofeild I will intuitively pick up on messages and life events stored in your field. This acknowledgement of events can often bring up emotional charges that can then be processed. Open channels of communication between both myself and the client are ensured to allow for these stirrings to be welcomed to move.

Crystal bowls are then used on the body as well as rattles and when called upon, the drum (used for journeying and shamanic experiences).

Expression Coaching Session

Being trauma informed, I like to work with resourcing a space of safety within the body as a baseline of support in bringing the nervous system of my clients into rest and digest. After this has been established,

we will explore

different emotional release techniques. Emotional 

cleansing is a powerful way to detox our emotional bodies and should be done on a regular basics. Bringing our bodies back online and embodying the fullness of our human expression. Emotional expression is a healthy and natural way to process our daily lives. I will also provide you with tools to take home and use when a charge comes up to be moved, but a big release is not appropriate due to the environment you find yourself in.

​Each Session is a 75 min time block.

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