"To live authentically, we must feel authentically, express authentically and know ourselves at our core"

~Nicole Laureen

The only way out...
is through



Most of us want to live in the fullness of what life can offer, but In order to be in a place to receive this life we must be in alignment with it.

We are often not coming from our authentic self. How we show up and how we perceive the world and what we attract to us comes from our unconscious mind, our automatic thinking, and our bodies deeply stored energies and patterns. This lens that we wear, that has been customized for each individual, is forged by our early life conditioning and beliefs, traumatic life events and experiences. Our unconscious is both helpful and not helpful. When these feelings, beliefs, and characters from our past learning are projected onto our present we are attracting to us those very experiences we are NOT wanting in order to find healing and balance. Its a vibrational law of physics that this occurs, and although it may not be desirable events to be attracting, it is happening FOR you. For you to acknowledge, address and make change to, so that you can be the conscious creator and align vibrationally to what you desire and who you desire to be.


Without conscious awareness and clear intentional responding we are playing this energy game with our experience all of the time. Living our lives not in the truth of the present moment but in the trapped patterns of trauma and fears present in our bodies and minds. When there is no awareness we can easily trap ourselves in the pain, blame and shame wheel with little hope of getting out. When we do the work we begin to take lead in our experience, with ourselves and others. We begin to live in integrity, strength and KNOWING of what it feelings like to be in our authentic self. When we shine light on these patterns, express what has been suppressed, and come back into whole body nervous system regulation we can find liberation, sovereignty and freedom in our lives and relationships.

​Embodied Expression is about learning to be vulnerable and intimate with yourself, returning to the body and  ~ Feeling your way to healing.

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